Our Mission

We have a central mission :
To liberate the poor, the uneducated, the uninformed, the ill and the marginalised.

Our Diocese was established with the three fold objectives : Evangelisation
Pastoral Care &
. This still forms the basis of all that we do.

Our greatest wish is to encourage and to practice responsible stewardship of all God's creation through care of our fellow human beings and of our natural environment.
Our strategy is:
To be spiritually alive, Professionally competent & Socially relevant.

We have a responsibility to continue the wonderful work of liberation through God's love started by the missionaries in bringing the marginalized poor in remote areas to the light of Gospel. By identifying new mission fields, especially for the benefit of oppressed people, we have a living evangelism that pays due respect to other religions in our multi-faith society.

Mission fields : Our mission for the Tribes and other deprived groups of people like tea garden workers and Dalits in the 51 mission fields aim at the holistic development of the people for a meaningful living.

Delhi Slum Mission : Delhi Slum Mission in 3 centres is the outreach ministry of the Diocese to share the love of Jesus to the most disadvantaged people in the capital city of our country.

Marching in the light….

Less privileged tribes

The less fortunate slum lives

Pastoral Care
Because of the hilly nature of the Diocese, our congregations are scattered over the
hills, valleys and the high ranges of the Western Ghats. In earlier days, this led
to isolation and neglect of whole communities. Since the formation of the Diocese,
effective Pastoral Ministry is at the heart of our work to strengthen local
congregations spiritually, socially and economically.
Our vision of Christianity is based on prayer and Communion with God our Heavenly
Father by serving the marginalized who are oppressed by poverty and social systems.
At the same time, we believe that we must all play a dynamic part in furthering His
Kingdom here on earth by caring for the marginalized and improving our land .

God feeds ..... we are channels only...

Our future is safe.

Through God's help we promote spiritual, social, cultural and economic development
of the weaker, neglected and displaced people in our society. We try to create
social awareness among our communities to promote self-reliance, self-respect,
skills and personal growth. By creating and encouraging local leadership, we foster
collective action and the development of community spirit. We fight to ensure that
the poor and marginalized are not denied basic human rights and social justice.

One in Christ..

The road to Joy.