How you Can Help

Our first duty is to use the faith, skills and resources that God has given us to help ourselves. We are blessed with dedicated leaders, a clear vision and Our Lord’s guidance given to us through prayer. We have the active participation and commitment of our people and a wealth of social, cultural, ethnic and linguistic diversity. We use regular tithe contributions from Church members to help those in greatest need.
All our own hard work and contributions enable us to meet the most basic needs of our people. However, to make a real difference - to change people’s lives for the better - we recognise that we also need the support of partners to generate the capital sums needed.
How can you help? Our greatest need is for your love and prayers.

Please use this East Kerala Prayer to remember us and to share our love of the Lord:
We praise Thee O Lord for the formation of the East Kerala Diocese in 1983 and for the rich traditions we have inherited. Bestow upon us, we pray Thee, Thy special blessings in carrying out our mission of six fold aspirations expressed in our Diocesan Emblem:
That the Episcopal mitre with cloven tongues be the true token of unity and power of spirit ; the entire Bible be our daily manna ; the lighted candle be the Gospel – light ; the rising sun above the tea gardens may constantly remind us of social and echo-justice ; the bunches of corn and vine may truly indicate our growth in sacramental life.
And then O Lord make us a vibrant community . Make us one. For thou art our Lord who reigneth with the Father and the Holy Spirit . One God world with out end. Amen.

We would be also delighted if you are able to offer financial or other support. You can do this in several ways:
By sending a donation by Demand Draft in favour of the Treasurer, CSI East Kerala Diocese, Melukavumattom, Kottayam Dist., Kerala, PIN: 686652 , India ; to the SB Account in State Bank of Travancore, Melukavumattom Branch in Kerala.

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