Our Challenge & Upcoming needs
In the last 25 years we have established many new Churches and Mission Fields. We have a team of dedicated and dynamic leaders, the organisational structures and the faith to keep our Church vibrant and responsive to our society. Since the Diocese comprises only the rural and very remote areas, the people are too poor to provide any substantial financial support for the development needs of the Diocese.

With God’s guidance and the support of our partners, we envisage a long-term strategy and process to uplift people who have been ignored for centuries, denied basic human rights and social justice:
In this SILVER JUBILEE YEAR we have the following priorities to achieve in 5 years.

What Needs to be Done
Provide 25 New worship places & community centres for new believers worshipping in thatched sheds and dilapidated old churches:& 10 Parsonages for Churches in tea estate area.
Ministerial support fund for helping the pastors and church workers in crisis.
Support for construction of 500 non-leaking roofed shelters. 50 in next year
Support for Theological training & Lay training for pastoral ministry and human resource development programmes such as premarital Counselling and Awareness programmes.
Support for Delhi slum mission for support of missionaries, education and employment training and expanding the work in slum
Support for tribal mission activities in 51 mission fields.
Relief and rehabilitation programs - food supply, medical camps, 50 wells for drinking water etc..
Organise self help groups and empowerment programs among Tribal and other marginalised people. 10 Centres
Improve schools and Industrial Training Centre with advanced technical courses such as Tool and Die making, x-ray welding with hostel facility
Provide 3 Hostels with continuous support for students from marginalised and broken families
Improving Henry Baker College with skills training to serve the marginalized poor and new job oriented courses such as M.B.A ; M.S.W; and other courses for advanced learning and research
Initiate income generation projects for the Diocese for financial stability

Do these remind you of ….

Your Sister

Your House

Your Child

Precisely, our challenges are to secure:
Financial resources for the above capital investments.
Trained personnel for leadership roles
Facilities for HRD, Higher Education and hostels.
The creation of employment opportunity
Food and shelter for the poor.
Transport facilities for our activities in the Diocese.

Individuals can be partners in the small projects by :-
Sharing your Joyful moments of life by an offering. Fund.US $
1 When God bless you with a new house. - Help the homeless with a Shelter. 2000 one time
2 When God bless you with a new job / Promotion.- Offer tithe to support a Minister. 200 Monthly.
3 When you celebrate your birth day.- Sponsor the relief food supply in a village. 1000 one time
4 When you celebrate your wedding anniversary.- Help a poor widow’s rehabilitation. 1500 one time
5 When God bless you / your children with married life.- Help a poor girl’s marriage 2500 one time
6 When God bless you with a Child - Sponsor a Child’s education. 1000 Yearly.
7 When your business flourish- Sponsor a Mission Field 500 Monthly.
8 When your Church Celebrate Jubilee.- Sponsor a village Church’s construction 9000 one time
9 When you wish to share your willed funds for God’s Ministry- Choose Major Projects Any amount.

I Promise to offer
One time
$ ……..
$ ……
$ ……

We shall continue to work for the good of all our people but with your help and support, we can achieve so much more – see how you can help us.