Our Achievements

With God’s help and the support of our partners from the Protestant Churches in Germany, the Presbyterian Church in South Korea,CMS, KNH, CASA, Pilgrim Uniting Church in Australia , Reformed Church in America , Mother Church of Henry Baker in Kirby, SinLau Hospital of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, Taiwan, SACCCC, Compassion International, South Indian Community Trust our UK partner and individual partners from home and abroad , we have already made great progress since the creation of the Diocese from nothing in 1983. We have established and maintained these services to our congregations and our community:

Relief, Rehabilitation & Development.
Our hilly geographical area is always prone to natural calamities like drought, landslide, heavy rain and storm epidemics.
The Charitable Society for Social Action, the Registered Society of the Diocese organise all our social service activities.

We undertake the following Relief Programs:
Supply food , medicine and clothes.
Human settlement : Providing shelter for the poor homeless.
Infra structure development of rural areas by:
Road construction under ‘food for work’ scheme.
Construction of public wells for drinking water.
Water harvesting for sustainable source of water conservation.
Helping in soil conservation
Promoting herbal medicine
Response to the suffering children of estate workers who lost their jobs through the closure of tea estates by
Supplying nutricious food , school uniforms , books & learning materials
Running day care centre for children below the age of 6
Providing food & health clinics.
Under human settlement program more than 250 families benefitted in the last 2 years.
Relief supplies reach more than 3000 families every year
As a result the marginalized people from all religious backgrounds in this area are benefited

Rice distribution

Old House

New House

Self-Help & Employment
Self- Development of People & Employment :-
Community Development Projects:-
Nodal Centres : at Manipara , Peerumedu, Poomala & Cheppukulam in Idukki District.
Programs :
Organising Self-Help Groups .
» Self-Help Groups meet every week - plan, implement and evaluate work
» SHGs provide leadership and implement the projects on participatory basis.
Lively-hood Skill Development for Dalits & marginalized women:
» Tailoring, Umbrella making, handicraft unit, pig & goat rearing
» Micro-credit enterpreneurship by woomen in SHGs.
» Small project support fund.
» Computer Training Centre for Self -Employment.
» Non-formal training in house construction & cement block making for housing scheme.
» Tuition for High School children in project areas.
» Diocese provides infrastructure, seed money and initial leadership through facilitators .

Self-Help Groups

Self-Help Groups

Piggery –A self-help initiative

Delhi Slum Mission :
Mission to the Slums in Delhi started in 1991
Now 3 mission Centers : 1. Seemapuri 2. Okhla 3. Gauthampuri.
Activities :
Spiritual Guidance
» Through Sunday worships & meetings. 270 people from the slums benefited. 3 Missionaries gave leadership .2 Missionaries are born in the slum.
 Relief activity:
» Provide food and clothing in urgency and blankets in winter
Education :
» Nursery school and Pre-primary school to motivate them for education.
» Provide noon meals , value education through songs and stories.
» Provide study materials , school uniform , tuitionfor primary and secondary education.
Tailoring centers in Okhala & Gauthampuri for self employment:
» Provide training in tailoring.
» 25 women receive training in Okhala
» 15 women obtain training in Gauthampuri.
» More than 100 women already completed training and earn a living.
Healing ministry
» Medical camps and health awareness programmes .

Health & Social Care.

C.S.I. Mission Hospital, Chelachuvadu :
Centre for primary health care of rural people.
This include 3 sub-centres:
Maniyarankudi , Pulikkathotty & Chappathu

Daily 200 patients benefited.

Awareness programs conducted on communicable diseases, AIDS and sanitation

C.S.I. Mission Hospital

Shalom Polio Home :

Shalom Polio Home
This is a home for 87 differently abled polio-affected children of different religious backgrounds.

Food, Education , medication and walking aids are provided to help them live a full life.

Now many from the home are doing their Post graduate and graduate studies

Day Care – 4 : Community based program.
Play school for Poor Children. , Age-3–6yrs.Number-270. Midday meal supplied.

Pasuppara: School and food for the children of tea estate workers . 225 children.

Kurathikkudi : School and food for tribal students in the interior forest of Idukki District. 245 Children

Day Care Centre

Lay Training Programmes:
Once in every month Lay leaders training is conducted . Lay Church workers and Missionaries are given training in Diocesan HRDT Centre on a regular basis.

Spiritual Orientation

Premarital Counselling
Under the auspices of Diocesan women’s fellowship Pre-marital Counselling courses are conducted for young men & women for laying foundations for a meaningful family life where men and women are equals.

Premarital Counselling

Education & Training

Henry Baker College, Melukavu:
Founded in 1981

Students – 511 , Age : 18 – 22 yrs.
The only institution for higher education in the Diocese for students from Tribal, Dalit and marginalised families. Post-graduate Arts & Science College.
Full-time Courses- BA History ; B.Com ; BA English; BSc Physics ; M.Com and Specialised Courses in Computer Education, Value education, Women’s Group, Career orientation and Extension programs.
Higher Secondary School- 1
Students - 310 , Age : 15 – 17 yrs.
High Schools 4
Students - 642 , Age : 13 – 15 yrs
Primary Schools 12
Students - 2125 , Age : 6 – 13 yrs.
Hostels 11
Caring for 823 poor children
of Tribal & Dalit Backgrounds and tea garden workers & broken families.
Industrial Training Centre – 1
The only institution for imparting technical education. Students – 120 , Age – 15- 25 yrs.
Provides formal and non-formal vocational training to poor children for self-employment .
Baily Offset press
A project of the Diocese for youth empowerment.
Provides skill training in Printing, DTP & Book Binding . Diocesan Printing & Communication Centre.
Human Resource Development Centre
First phase completed.
Provides training for Pastors, Church Workers, Missionaries, Women, Youth, Children and empowerment programs for marginalized people

Henry Baker College

Industrial Training Centre

Church's response to livelihood
challenges of tribal families.


Mission Department : Train Pastors , Church workers , Missionaries and organise mission activities

Uniform distribution to poor children
Social Board : Organise relief, rehabilitation and development projects.
Youth Movement : Dynamic leadership to realise the goals of the Diocese with units in congregations.
Women's fellowship : Women's leadership in the diocese with units in congregations
Christian Education Department : Sunday school ministry & Junior missionary associations.
Choristers Association : Training in sacred music& musical instruments with Choir units in congregations.
Medical Board : Organise health & social care programs.
Renewal Crusade : Provides spiritual orientation to people at Diocesan level.

Diaspora Mission: Members of the Diocese who are spread in diverse ministries in diiferent parts of India are involved in the Mission of the Diocese under the banner Diaspora Mission.